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Shawme Fish & Game club, Inc.       


Post Office Box 13

Sandwich, MA 02563


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*We are currently not accepting new applicants at this time.


Membership Application Process
Membership is limited to 150 members. 
  • All potential members require a sponsor from a current member in good standing.
  • Applications can be picked up in person on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm or by request from a current member.
  • New members are required to attend four meetings a year and participate in 8 hours of work related activities in the first year.
  • The fee is $150.00 per year. You must pay by check and in person by the June meeting.
  • The Board of Directors and Officers vote in applications once per year at the July meeting. 
  • All members are required to attend 4 meetings per year or participate in a scheduled work party and pay their dues in person to maintain membership.


*New members are voted in at the July meeting and notified promptly after. If you are not accepted in at the July meeting you will be kept on the list until next year.
**Questions about your membership status should be directed to the person who sponsored your application. They can make an inquiry to the Secretary before the monthly meeting.