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 Club History


Back in May of 1958, Edward Govoni, Howard P. Crowell, Alvan B. Perry, James O. Strain, Bernard (Bunny) C. DiPietro, Daniel B. Murphy and Robert M. Slade got together and decided to form the Shawme Fish and Game Club, Inc. The Corporation was filed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on May 22, 1958.


The purpose of the club was:

     To promote the interests of Fish and Game sport, to protect the fish and game sport in Massachusetts, and to promote such legislation as may be beneficial thereto; the propagation of fish and other wildlife, stocking of ponds, feeding of fowl and all other, and all other activities necessary and incidental thereto, to operate a rifle range for members and children of member with instruction on the proper use of firearms; to hold clambakes, and other social activities; and to raise funds for any of the above purpose, and in general to do whatever else properly may be incidental to such purpose; and to conduct a club providing for the refreshments, entertainment, exercise, and social diversion of its members, and incidental to the purpose the corporation shall have the right to apply for and use a license to sell alcoholic beverages.

     Shortly thereafter it was decided that a parcel of property should be pursued as a club location. The Selectmen of the town of Sandwich were approached and a parcel of land was purchased or was to be purchased, where the power plant now stands on the Cape Cod Canal. This was short lived however as the parcel being more desirable to the town as a power plant it was either never conveyed to the club or was reconvened by the club to the town. As an incentive to leave the canal, the Selectmen for the sum of one dollar, deed the club the land we now use as well as a three acre wood lot in what is know as the ridge district of the town

      Next a clubhouse was needed. I am not sure who or how it came about, but at some point two buildings were obtained from Otis and moved to the land. They were joined and constitute the clubhouse today.

     Today we are one hundred and fifty paying members, as well as some life members and honorary members. We also have an active waiting list for membership.

     I am sure the founding members are pleased that their dream turned out so well.